Saturday, August 1, 2009

LaTeX on Blogger

The easiest way to get LaTeX on blogger is to go get Tex2im which converts (on your computer) a TeX equation into a png via the command line. If I can get this method working, I'll post an update on how to get it working.

Perhaps some $\[ \LaTeX{} \]$ would work? Consider:


which was purely inlined code, but when doing displaystyle, suddenly it looks like


There's not that much of a difference, eh? C'est la vie.

Yes, the approach to putting $\LaTeX$ on blogger works, BUT! there is one thing to note: if you are a smart guy like me and fiddle around with your css code, FIRST get the TeX working, and then fiddle all you want.


  1. Hi, the default is already displaystyle, if you want to force it to have textstyle use the command \textstyle in front of your latex code.
    ${\textstyle \sum_{i=1}^n x_iy_i}$ gives you $\textstyle \sum_{i=1}^n x_iy_i$.

  2. Ah that explains it! It's good to know, although most of my $\TeX{}$-nical stuff would require display style.

    The major time consuming problem I was having was, being the foolish fellow I was, I tinkered the CSS code first and then added the javascript code for LaTeX.

    The trick was to get $\LaTeX{}$ working first, then do my tinkering around with the CSS style. Live and learn...